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Former members of Ludo Mlado


ddlDiana (DDL) is born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She grew up in an environment influenced by various musicians to find herself inevitably bond to music and dance. She continued her bachelor studies in the US and started taking Bulgarian dance classes lead by Pepi Petrov in 2009. Soon after she joined Ludo Mlado to offer her plentiful energy and high spirit to the group.


Diana Damyanova (DDD), originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, had no experience
with traditional Bulgarian dancing prior to moving to Boston in 2008.
After seeing a couple of performances by Ludo Mlado she was fascinated
by the spirit of the group and joined the following year.


ivanaIvana Dinkova has always been fascinated by the beauty of Bulgarian folk dance and culture. She started dancing at the age of 6 and has been performing for 13 years in Bulgaria; spreading the magnificence of the folklore and tradition from many different regions in Bulgaria trough performances in various European countries. After moving to Boston in the beginning of 2009, Ivana reconnected with the Bulgarian folk dance and joined Ludo Mlado.


polinaPolina Paskaleva, originally from Varna, Bulgaria was first introduced to Bulgarian folklore in elementary school. She also practiced rhythmic gymnastics for a short period of time. While studying at Boston University she joined Ludo Mlado in the fall of 2007.

Pierre Neville


Pierre Neville

“My mother can tell you that I used to move to any music when I was a baby. I started dancing at age 6 followed soon after with formal tape lessons and concerts. I sang operetta, did Scottish Country Dancing and played bagpipes during high school. I have performed international dances with the Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble and with Collage. I have been a member of the Scottish Demo Team here in Boston. I started with the original group at the beginning of Ludo Mlado. I top off my dance career with doing costumes for Ludo Mlado and collecting Balkan costumes for myself and to sell.”