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Current members of Ludo Mlado


Marieta Mircheva has been a co-choreographer and performer of “Ludo Mlado“ dance ensemble since 2004. Marieta is a Bulgarian native who has been dancing and performing since the age of 8. By the age of 13, she had over one hundred performances and several European dance tours as a member of Folk Dance Ensemble “Zdravets”. In 1998, Marieta graduated from the National School of Dance Art in Sofia, Bulgaria with a major in Bulgarian Folk Dances. After her graduation she moved to the US and joined the Balkan Dance Classes led by Peter Petrov. In 2001, Marieta founded the first performing Bulgarian folk dance formation “The Roses”, which group later affiliated with ensemble Ludo Mlado. Marieta is thrilled to be part of Ludo Mlado and to have the opportunity to dance with such talented and fun individuals.


vesiVeselina Rahneva is from Kazanlak, town in the valley of roses and the Thracian kings in Bulgaria. She started dancing at the age of 6 in her home town where she has been performing with the Folklore Ensemble “Palavnitsi” for 6 years. She rediscovered her passion for bulgarian music and folklore dance when she moved to Boston and saw a performance of Ludo Mlado for the Bulgarian Independence Day – March 3rd, 2013 in Woburn, MA. She joined Ludo Mlado 4 months later.


cvetiTsvetelina Teneva grew up in the valley of roses, Kazanlak, Bulgaria. She is an event planner by profession and has always been interested in Bulgarian folklore. Tsvetelina has been admiring Ludo Mlado since 2002 but it wasn’t until May of 2013, that she joined the group as one of its newest members.



Ellena Popova grew up in Karlovo, Bulgaria. As a child, she would always go to subori to dance with her aunt. In 2009, she started learning the beautiful Bulgarian dance style in a formal setting as a part of Zharava, a semi-professional Bulgarian dance troupe centered in Washington DC. She moved to Boston in 2013 for college, and is excited to continue dancing as a part of Ludo Maldo



Radina Petkova practiced various dance styles while growing up in Haskovo, Bulgaria. However, it wasn’t until living away from home, when she became passionate about exploring the Bulgarian folklore. She was first introduced to the magic of Bulgarian dance by Pepi Petrov and joined Ludo Mlado in 2012.



Mariela Mihaleva – Born in Burgas, Bulgaria.  As a middle school student  took dance classes for 1 year at local Youth  Ensemble. I have always  been passionate about Bulgarian folklore. Started dance  classes lead by  Peter Petrov in 2007. Mastering many new dances was a dream-come-true.  This lead to a decision to join Ludo Mlado in 2009.



Svetla Mincheva, originally from Pazardjik, discovered the beauty of dance at the age of 7 as she joined the local ensemble “Albena”. This passion stayed with her all through high school after which she had to part with friends as she ventured into college life in America. After graduating and getting settled in Boston, Svetla rediscovered her passion for dance as she met some of the members from Ludo Mlado and joined the group in 2009.



Rostislav is born in Bulgaria and developed his passion for traditional dancing while still in his home country. Upon his move to Boston he found out about Ludo Mlado and became a member and a very active advocate of the group within months.



Petar Ivanov grew up in Bulgaria. He always has been fascinated with the variety and dynamic of the Bulgarian folk music and dance. It was until he started training with Pepi Petrov when he realized that folklore dance carries more than just positive emotions – it’s a way to inspire and tell a genuine story at the same time. He joined Ludo Mlado in the Fall of 2012.



Daniela Stoudenkova grew up in a small town in Western Bulgaria . She had no prior experience with Bulgarian Folklore dancing but  has always had a passion for it.  Her first exposure to the beauty and magic of Bulgarian dances was at the dancing classes lead by Pepi Petrov. In 2011 she joined ensemble Ludo Mlado and has been an active member since.



Svetlin (Sesho) Kalaydjiev is from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and had no dance experience before coming to the US. He first saw a performance of Ludo Mlado in Providence, RI and started going to folk dance lessons led by Peter Petrov. Svetlin joined the Ludo Mlado troupe immediately after moving to Boston in 2007.



Zheina Pramatarova, discovered Bulgarian Dance in 2010 when she first saw Pepi Petrov teaching a dance class at Green Street Studio in Cambridge. She was soon hooked and found the one night a week dance class to not be enough. Pepi then suggested Ludo Mlado to her and even though she was originally intimidated by the seemingly unattainable level of dance, she gave it a try! She has now been with Ludo Mlado since 2011 and lives and breathes the dancing experience.



Stanislava is from Sofia, Bulgaria. When she was in elementary school she joined a folk dance group and was impressed by the beauty of the Bulgarian folklore. That is why after she graduated from college in the US, she was happy to continue dancing with Petar Petrov’s folk dance ensemble. She joined Ludo Mlado in the fall of 2011.



Biserka is born in Sofia, Bulgaria and came to study in the US where she graduated from Suffolk University. She started taking Bulgarian folk dancing classes lead by Pepi Petrov and joined Ludo Mlado after seeing them on stage for the first time in September of 2009.



Mariya was first introduced to the traditional Bulgarian dances in first grade in her home town Vidin, where she was part of a folk ensemble for four years. After exploring different dance genres, like modern ballet and belly dancing, for almost fifteen years she rediscovered her love and passion for the beauty of the Bulgarian folklore dance when she became a member of Ludo Mlado in 2009.